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Broiler Meat Signals (book and website) will be released in November 2018. Roodbont is offering possibilities to become a partner in this book/website production. Partners make it possible to produce content like Broiler Meat Signals in a relatively small market. There are several options of becoming a partner. It includes an advertorial in the book, reduced book prices and a logo link/advertorial on

  • Advertisement – The advertisements will be placed in the general print run, 2500 copies. An advertisement in Broiler Meat Signals will connect your company directly to the practical knowledge offered in these Signals editions.
  • Book purchases – Partners in Broiler Meat Signals receive a discount on purchases of the book. This discount remains valid also in additional print runs.
  • Logo – A company logo will be added to the cover of Broiler Meat  Signals.
  • Customized dust cover – A fully customized dust cover is also optional, making Broiler Meat Signals a valuable promotional or relational business gift.

Please view the partnership options underneath:
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All prices are exclusive of VAT and shipping costs.

Alternatively to the complete package there are also options to purchase elements in the Broiler Meat Signals concept.

Broiler Meat Signals book advertisements
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Pre order Broiler Meat Signals books
Roodbont is also offering the opportunity of pre ordering Broiler Meat Signals books. Please note; This is only possible as of a minimum quantity of 25 books, before September 30, 2018. The following discounts apply on this opportunity:
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Partners that are interested in Broiler Meat Signals e-learning can also receive account for the e-learning. Please contact us for details and possibilities.

Broiler Meat Signals is a project of Roodbont Publishers B.V. Roodbont Publishers B.V. retain copyrights of concept, text, layout and illustrations of all ‘Broiler Meat Signals’ editions.

More information
Please contact us if you would like to become a partner. Also of course, if you would require additional information:


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