About the authors

About the authors 2

Piet Simons, former researcher at the Spelderholt Poultry Research Centre, received his PhD from Wageningen University in 1971. For twelve years he was secretary general of the World’s Poultry Science Association.

In 2006 he received the McDougall Medal for his exemplary services to WPSA. In 2008 he was honoured to be selected for the International Poultry Hall of Fame (IPHF). He is also author of the book Egg Signals (2017). Piet is currently president of the Foundation for Promoting Poultry Science and the ambassador of Dutch Poultry Centre in the Netherlands.

About the authors 3

Wim Tondeur is a poultry veterinary consultant and trainer. He studied at the Veterinary Faculty at the University of Utrecht and started as a veterinary practitioner for five years in a large animal practice (1978-1983).He has been a senior trainer and veterinarian at Barneveld College in the Netherlands (1983-1998), a training coordinator for meat inspectors and official veterinarians (1993-1998) and chief technical advisor at the joint Dutch-Vietnamese training and research center near HCMC (1998-2003).

Currently he is an independent trainer and consultant. In the past 8 years he visited more than 100 poultry abattoirs in Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Asia. He developed a model on carcass lesions scoring for research and benchmarking purposes.

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